Friday, January 2, 2015

Job Growth in US Economy Under Obama

Spent eight years destroy the economy and making the rich richer, as somewhere suggest, then Obama had the dubious distinction of picking up and putting back the pieces. This article looks at employment, and unemployment, and had some interesting facts. It would seem that job growth hasn't been this robust since the Clinton era. This is of course evidence but only the evidence that some people may want to pay attention to. It's ironic that under Democrat Presidents the economy has been better off job wise. Where is under Republican control the rich get richer and everybody else seems to suffer. The middle class is eroded. That's not to say that it's been reclaimed under Obama by any means, yet to see the job growth that we have it's in the very least a positive sign. Couple that with housing market and a slow uptake in housing starts and you have the impression that there is sustained growth.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Losing Latino voters

Republicans are losing latino voters. They had a bit of a push but in states like California the obvious policies against 'illegal aliens' are continuing to disenfranchise prospective voters. Which is great news.,0,7973623.story#axzz2nr2APPjQ

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Thank goodness Republicans can't get it together. In a largely polarized country there is a resurgence in support for the Democrats. Republicans on the other hand haven't innovated. They in fact go backwards. Their innovation comes in the form of the backwards Tea Party movement. Dems on the other hand are capable of attracting new voters. Republicans? Same old Christian white males. No change, which to my delight means no election. Now if we could just fix the problem in the senate. After all, we can't rely on Republican senators to all shoot themselves in the foot.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Saturday, November 5, 2011

38 - 41 October Barack Approval

38% to 41%.... Barack Obama is teetering in the approval ratings. How is it possible? How is it that republican policy has crippled this country, plunged us into wars so large corporations can rebuild foreign countries, and increased our debt beyond what we can pay, better than Obama?

I will for one say Obama could've done more to put his own stamp on 'how things are done'. But inr eality all we've seen is status quo for the most part.

He had a chance, blew it, but it still doesn't change the fact the idiocy of the Bush years will take years upon years to fix.

Let's not go backwards come election time next year. We need better ideas, and the people with the guts to implement. No, that's not your run of the mill Republican either, those guys can't even put their best candidate forward because of internal politics.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Signs of Republican Policy Crippling the Economy

Regan started the move to decentralization. That meant the regulated industries that protected the interests of Americans were sold off to private corporations. Now, of course the efficiency in some of the industries was poor, hence the argument to deregulate. However, what has been the result on local jobs?

Take California, the nation's largest state, and the effect deregulation has had on the number of employed persons in the manufacturing industry.

Long before any economic destruction we can see a steady decline in the # of jobs in the manufacturing sector. Where did they all go? Well, deregulation means private firms have little regulation, duh, but also they can do whatever they want to get the lowest possible price and also the highest revenues.

That of course means taking jobs from Americans and giving it to the Chinese or the Indians.

That's where deregulation has taken us, the complete loss of the manufacturing sector. I could show other states with similar trends, but that would be pointless. Republican policy directly benefits CHinese workers while crippling Americans.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fix the Deficit? Screw more americans

According to Republicans any way to cut the deficit must only be a reduction in taxes to the already rich. That's right, the rich pay less to help the rest of us out. What idiot votes for stupid Republicans? They're literally contributing to the mess we're stuck in. Please, why wont these people work with the rest of the country? Better yet, why hasn't the normal masses risen up to combat the theft courtesy of Republicans. Oh wait, that's what they want, everyone to do nothing but slowly lose their jobs and savings. At least the right will have lower taxes.